Challenges faced by United States due to counter terrorism.

There are challenges that exist when dealing with counter terrorism efforts. One challenge is that the United States has not been able to prevent all attacks, even though they have stopped many (National Security Council, 2006, 4). Another challenge is that terrorists have declared their intent to obtain and use weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to inflict catastrophic injury to the United States.

In addressing the challenge of preventing attacks, it is necessary for the United States to work with trusted partners all over the world, while using a broad range of tools at home and abroad (National Security Council, 2006, 11). It is necessary to fight terrorism, prevent terrorists’ entry into the United States, prevent their movement across international borders, and prevent vulnerability to future attacks. One way to accomplish this is to attack terrorists and their capacity to operate. This means taking active measures against primary terrorist enemies that pose serious and continuing threats. There is a need to neutralize leaders, foot soldiers, weapons, funds, communications, and propaganda efforts (National Security Council, 2006, 11-12).

Weapons of mass destruction are one of the greatest threats the United States faces (National Security Council, 2006, 13). There are six objectives that can be used to minimize the threat of the use of WMDs against the United States. The first is to determine the intentions of terrorists, as well as their plans to develop or acquire WMDs (National Security Council, 2006, 14). Another objective is to deny access to materials, expertise, and other enabling capabilities required to develop WMDs. Next is to deter terrorists from employing WMDs. The next objective is to deter and disrupt the attempted movement of WMDs and related materials, weapons, and personnel. An additional objective is to prevent and respond to a terrorist attack using WMDs. Finally, there is a need to define the nature and source of a terrorist-employed WMD device (National Security Council, 2006, 15).

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