Case study— Karen Ferraro


Securities, Managed Investments and Derivatives

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Read everything in this document before you start your assignment for Securities, Managed Investments and Derivatives (DFP4Dv1).

About this document

This document includes the following:

  • Part 1: Instructions for completing and submitting this assignment
  • Part 2: The case study
  • Part 3: Assignment questions

–    Section 1:     Establish relationship with client and identify client’s objectives, needs and financial situation

–    Section 2:     Analyse client objectives, needs, financial situation and risk profile to develop appropriate strategies and solutions

–    Section 3:     Present appropriate strategies and solutions to the client and negotiate a financial plan, policy or transaction

–    Section 4:     Agree the plan, policy or transaction and complete documentation

–    Section 5:     Provide ongoing service where requested by client.

Part 1: Instructions for completing and submitting this assignment

How to use the study plan

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The word count shown with each question is purely indicative. You may exceed the word count by a minimal amount, however, please do not include additional information which is outside the scope of the question.




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