Case study.


1) One behavior that was not common but is now allowed in all fifty states is same sex marriage/homosexuality (sexual desire toward the same sex). By Accepting, Homosexuals it makes us more tolerant, diverse and open minded. Moreover, it makes us an example to the rest of the world and allows us to innovate as a whole. Another Behavior that has made a lot of commotion is breast-feeding in public. I recently viewed a social experiment video titled Sexy vs. Breastfeeding In public which consisted of a provocative women wearing a low cut shirt and showing her assets and a first time mother breast feeding her new born child in public. The experiment resulted in society being more acceptable when it comes to showing off body parts because its “sexy” or Hot or because the young women is allowed. When it came to the mother society portrays it as gross and judged the mother harshly. Some vocalized breast-feeding should be done in private because people do not want their children or husbands staring at breast while at the park, mall or even restaurants because it is disturbing. Others are acceptable because it is natural babies have to be fed.

2)There are definitely certain behaviors that are allowable for some members of society but not others. For example, professional people such as law enforcement officers, doctors, and teachers will not have the same permitted behaviors in society than other people. Let’s go with a police officer. I believe that a police officer has to have the highest ethical standards. For example, when a police officer is off duty he/she cannot be seen hanging out with criminals or doing something illegal such as doing drugs, fighting, or even speeding. That behavior is not acceptable if you are a police officer but maybe for others that type of behavior is allowable. It is allowable but that doesn’t mean they won’t get into trouble. Another example using a different type of professional can be a professional boxer or mixed martial arts fighter. They are not allowed to get into a fight outside of the ring/cage because they can get into serious trouble and even face criminal charges. There are ethical behaviors allowed and not allowed for everyone. I saw some really good examples of unethical behaviors among individuals, businesses, professionals, politicians and government.

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