Case study

For this assignment, you will select a project to work on throughout the class. This will not be assigned, rather, you must think of one that will relate closely to either what you are doing now at work or what you will be doing once you complete your degree.

In the weeks to come, you will use this project description as the basis for all work in the course from scoping it, to developing tasks, developing a schedule, assigning resources, and developing a budget. It should be one with which you have some topical familiarity that you hope to be doing on the job, or one that is of personal interest to you.

Assignment instructions:

  • Please use the attached template to complete your project selection
  • Please be mindful of all the areas outlined that you should think of before completing your project selection.
  • Please note the examples provided of what might be considered good project selections
  • Once completed, please upload your assignment to the assignment link above in word or similar format


Complete the attached Scope Statement template. Remember, this is about your selected project. It is not a quiz about what these elements are. Use this form as the first step in your project planning. Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Deliverables are things – they are expressed as nouns
  2. Constraints limit your ability to plan
  3. Assumptions are expressions of items, resources, materials, etc. that will be either provided to you outside your need to plan or purchase. They can also be expressions of the choices made by stakeholders (such as a particular version of software, etc).

Before Completing your project statement, please review the sample provided and use this as your guide of what a GOOD project statement should look like.


Complete the attached Stakeholder Register template.

  1. Please list at least 6 stakeholders.
  2. Remember, this is about your selected project.
  3. It is not a quiz about what these elements are rather it is the next step in your project planning efforts to gather relevant stakeholder information.
  4. Please upload your assignment to the above link when completed
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