Career Research Assignment (Trauma Surgery)

Career Research Assignment -50 points

Students are required to research a career(s) of interest and locate and document the following information: (10 points)

  • Job titles within your field(s) of interest. 
  • Educational/training requirements of your field(s) of interest. 
  • Job outlook within your field(s) of interest. 
  • Salary trends within your field(s) of interest. 
  • Skills needed for your field(s) of interest. 
  • Geographic trends for your field(s) of interest- where are the jobs growing? Do you need to move to a city to pursue that field? 
  • Things you need to do as a student to prepare for your field(s) of interest.

Upon completing the research, students will:  

  • Provide a detailed summary regarding how you completed the research. For example, what websites did you use? Did you have to search multiple sites? Were specific sites more reliable and helpful then others? Did you need to utilize multiple resources to locate the specific information? (10 points)
  • Provide a one-page detailed reflection about what you learned from the research. You should provide the information listed above and a reflection regarding how you “feel” about each of the items that you found. (10 points)
  • State how the research will help with personal and professional development. (10 points) 
  • Spelling, professional writing, grammar, punctuation, etc. (10 points)

Papers should be submitted to the appropriate D2L assignment folder as Word documents (i.e. .doc or .docx) with double-spaced, 12-point font. 

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