California Earthquakes Environmental Changes (to the natural environment)California Earthquakes Environmental Changes (to the natural environment)

Final Project / Paper


There are two parts to this project:

Part 1: Writing a report, due at 5 PM (1700) on Friday 3rd June (Last day of regular classes). A single PDF files is to be uploaded to a group dropbox.
Part 2: Evaluation of three other papers. Done from Monday 6th June 1200 (Noon) to Friday 10th June at 1700 (5 PM) of finals week. You are to submit a spreadsheet to your  dropbox. You will be using the same rubric that your own papers will be graded on. A rubric and template are provided.

This is essentially a group research paper on earthquake and volcanic hazards of a region. Each person will work on a different section, and then collaborate to produce a single final report.

Each group is to produce a PDF of a APA-formatted report, with correct style and referencing. A details on the APA style, and a sample APA-formatted paper can be found at:

Distribution of Labor (and points)

For Paper: 15 % of final class grade
For Reviews: 15% of final class grade (5% per review)
The Paper portion of the grade will be further sub-divided as follows:

85% of each individuals grade will depend on the quality of the section they were responsible for
15 % of each individuals grade will be on the overall report quality (editing, flow, etc.). You are encouraged to collaborate and edit each others sections for completeness, continuity of pagination, footnotes, references, table and figure numbers, etc.
The paper is to be structured so that:

THE FINAL PAPER FILENAME SHOULD START WITH “Group #”, where # is your group number.
Each group will be assigned 5 people (one group has 4, but they will have one less section to complete).
Each person in that group will be initially assigned a part of the report to complete. Group members may switch sections if they wish, the final sections will be listed in a separate cover sheet to be submitted with the final report
You may communicate and as they wish (make use of Google Doc’s or other cloud sharing services), and can meet in person if they wish.
Each group will be assigned a discussion thread, and by 5pm (1700) on each even-numbered date (starting May 24th), each group member should write a brief progress report on their section.
Geographic Areas (each group will be assigned one)

New Mexico
Hawaiian Islands
Caribbean Islands
East Africa
The Groups

I have assigned groups. With each group there is a description for the group. It contains the section you have been assigned, and the three papers you will be reviewing (identified by their group number — which is why it is important that the filenames include the group number).

Each group should have a discussion area, a “locker” for sharing things, and access to the drop box for the final report.

Part 1. Report

The report will consist of 9 sections. Four sections will be a group effort, and each remaining section will be written by an individual. Part of the group grade (15%) will be on integrating this section with the others. That is, do the other sections refer to material in your section, and do you refer to other sections. Is the formatting and theme consistent with the other sections

I recommend that each person complete their section by June 1st so that you have time to peer-edit the paper and make it consistent.

<Group>: Abstract
<Group>: Introduction
<Individual>: Volcanoes. Types, History, Risk assessment
<Individual>: Earthquakes. Types, History, Risk assessment
<Individual>: Population Centers. Location, size, and effects on critical lifelines (road, bridges, etc.)
<Individual>: Economic and Industrial Centers: Economic and contamination of environment
<Individual>: Environmental changes (to the ‘natural environment)
<Group>: Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations
<Group>: References Cited (These are references your cited in the report, not just references your fou

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