Business Question

I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.

The exam will hold on Feb 27 7:00 pm-8:40 pm Toronto time

pls take a look for the PPT a show in below. pls make sure you have ability to do this exam.

1) There will be 20-25 Multiple Choice Questions (each worth 1 point) covering the chapters 1- 5.

2) There will be 4-5 short essay questions covering the following cases and anything related to the course (textbook, recorded lecture as well as anything posted online):

a) Chapter 1 case : Global McEthics , starting on page 38.

b) Chapter 2 case: American Apparel, starting on page 79.

c) Chapter 3 case: Canada’s Oil sand, starting on page 129.

d) Chapter 4 case: Volkswagen emissions, starting on page 176.

e) Chapter 5 case: Siemens, starting on page 225.

Requirements: 100 min   |   .doc fileATTACHMENTSteaching_slides_chapter_1.pptxteaching_slides_chapter_2.pptxteaching_slides_chapter_3.pptxteaching_slides_chapter_4.pptxteaching_slides_chap

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Asian American 3

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