business concepts of quality management and lean systems

Quality Management and Lean Systems Paper

In the modern world, businesses and individuals need to optimize their efforts to gain

effectiveness and efficiency. Also, concepts of sustainability, continuous improvement, and

processes that ensure increased value are considered to track operations management towards


Many of the terms of quality management and lean systems come from Japanese culture and

language, due to Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s research occurring in Japan. Deming is often

referred to as The Father of Quality due to his foundational role in the establishment of Quality


Examine the business concepts of quality management and lean systems:

Quality Management

  1. Dimensions of Quality
  2. Cost of Quality
  3. Six Sigma
  4. ISO
  5. Quality tools

Lean Systems

  1. JIT
  2. Lean Production
  3. Kanban
  4. Kaizen
  5. Poka-yoke

Then, select one concept from each of the lists above and compose your paper to include:

  • One aspect of quality management
  • One aspect of lean systems

Also, close your paper with the following observations from your research:

 The importance of Deming’s research to the foundation of quality, and what you could do

now, to implement the concepts you selected, to your own life and work.

Complete your work in an APA style paper including:

  • APA Cover Page
  • APA Content with Indented Paragraphs (3 Full Pages)
  • APA Reference Page


  • APA Formatted Citations (3 References Minimum)
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