Business Analytics and Capstone


Instructions For this assignment you will create a business brief of 3 pages. The brief will be based on the case, StepSmart Fitness. This requires you to identify a problem from this case that can be addressed through an analytics approach, and then to provide sufficient background on the organization to accurately frame the problem for stakeholders. For guidance, please refer to Chapter 2 of Davenport & Kim, Keeping up with the Quants. Your brief must include the following six components: 1. Define a clear problem or opportunity that addresses what is important to the organization. 2. Define key items or variables you want to study that are relevant to the problem. 3. Identify stakeholders for the problem, including the stakeholder who will make a specific decision based on analysis results once the problem is solved. 4. Briefly explain two alternative ways the problem could be addressed beyond what is presented in the case 5. Adopt an analytical story type to communicate the particular problem (see pp. 29-40, Davenport & Kim). 6. Describe relevant information on previous experiences or findings related to this problem. This information may be included in the main body of the brief or noted in an appendix, whichever is most appropriate for context and flow.

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Asian American 3

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Environmental Science Question

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