Bus Administrative Management Discussion Responses

Perceived Inequity

There are many ways that individuals can perceive inequity at the workplace. Inequities usually are a result of observed or genuine inequitable treatment compared to other employees within the organization and consist of issues like internal as well as external pay discrepancies, unfair decision-making, and or underprivileged career development opportunities (Long, n.d). Many companies today are doing exceptionally well when it comes to this area but there are many that have yet to understand the differences in this area. It is important to be fair in addition to treating employees with respect and equality. While working with a previous employer, they failed to do all of this assuming paying well will be okay. Unfortunately, as a result the pay was not even worth staying with the employer.

The main problem with this employer was that they did not reward us for our performance at all. The company did at one time offer a gift card for the employee with the best sales every three months. I had the highest sales every month for about three years straight (we only had about 3-5 employees) and I only received one gift card. That did not change my performance or influenced me to try to restore equity. I was extremely good at what I did, and guests always were loyal to deal with me only when they would come in. I even had guest calling the hotel to ask for my schedule so they can check in on my shift or extended stay guests who only payed on my shift. Eventually, I left, and the business was sold a few months after.

Chrisnel ( respond with 150 words)

After reading Chapter 13 and watching the video lecture, describe a situation in which you were treated unfairly at work or school. How did you react to the inequity? Did you try to restore the equity when you perceived it?After watching the lecture video and reading the chapter, one time that I recalled being in a situation at work where I was treated unfairly was last year while working at Walmart I had this coworker who was always being rude and though he knew everything because he worked there longer than me. We never got along but I always showed respect to him and try to stay away from him since he always had an opinion on things that didn’t concern him.So one saturday I went to work and all of sudden he started being very rude to me for no reasons, just because he was having a bad, so I ignored him until it was time for us to work in a group project together, and all of a sudden he started being rude again, so me being a true taurus I finally had enough,and gave him a piece of my mind and all of a sudden here the manager coming and asking me to apologize to the coworker and when I refused, I was called to the office and got written up and on probation for being rude to a coworker, when in reality I was standing up and defending myself, but since the coworker was a manager favorite, I was the one that got in trouble which was very unfair because I was a much better employee then he was. After the incident I was upset at first and then I got over it because in life you will most like always deal with rude people like that, so its up to you to decide how you handle it, so I choose to be professional of the matter and ignored them because life still goes on.

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