Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy affecting women, with more than one million
cases occurring worldwide annually (Althuis, Dozier, Anderson, Devesa, & Brinton,
2005). Even though half of the global breast cancers are diagnosed in the developing
world, they account for 75% of total deaths from disease (Stewart & Kleihues, 2003). This
pattern is worsening, with incidence rates increasing as much as 5% each year (Stewart &
Kleihues, 2003). Affluent societies have the highest incidence rates (WHO, 2002). Societal
influences on cancer risk are not limited to citizens of these countties whose families have
been in the country for many years. Rates of breast cancer in immigrant communities are
affected, as well. Studies of migrant populations have revealed that when women migrate
from low-risk to high-risk regions, the migrant populations acquire the rates of the host


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