Botanical Garden.

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Much can be learned through an online format, but experiencing the arthropods and their surroundings in person is totally different. This assignment provides the opportunity to experience insects in person, apply what you’ve learned in the course so far, AND get some fresh air! The purpose of this activity is for you to gain hands-on experience with topics covered in this course. This field trip will give you opportunity to connect the course material with actual arthropod specimens.

Learning objective: Observe arthropods in their natural habitat at a botanical garden and describe the experience. Apply understanding of arthropod identification.


Step 1: Read attached assignment instructions and rubric. See course calendar for due date.

Step 2: Read sample news article.

Step 3: Choose a botanical garden in your area. A short list of suggested gardens is provided below.

Assignment Due Date

See Course Calendar under Course Syllabus & Info tab.


Newspaper Assignment Rubric (pdf)

Review attached rubric for Insect Fair assignment grading criteria.


Sample News Article 1

Here’s a sample news article to help you prepare for the assignment.Begin reading below heading labeled “Full Text”


  1. Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden, Claremont
  2. UCR Botanic Gardens, Riverside
  3. Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden, Arcadia
  4. Fullerton arboretum, Cal State Fullerton
  5. Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino
  6. Search for more gardens through the American Horticulture Society official website


  1. Pool, Bob. “Going Bughouse Insect Zoo to Open at County Natural History Museum: [Home Edition].” Going Bughouse Insect Zoo to Open at County Natural History Museum: [Home Edition] – Los Angeles Times – ProQuest. Los Angeles Times, 24 Apr. 1992. Web.
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