Based on your readings for July 13th, was World War II a “just” war? Why or why not?

Question descriptionAnswer the following no plagrasim no spilling or grammar mistakes ، minimum of 250 words. No primary or secondary sources are needed, but if you refer to a document, please cite it properly using Chicago/Turabian or MLA. a Word document, 12 pt Arial or Times New Roman Font.

There is a reading links to answe the questions.

1. What the Treaty of Versailles a fair treaty? What parts of the treaty can you refer to that reflect its fairness?

2. Was Huey Long’s speech about redistributing wealth something that you think could work? What part did you find to be the most plausible suggestion?

3. Based on your readings for July 13th, was World War II a “just” war? Why or why not?



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