AWS Lambda w/ Python – How do I turn my code into a lambda function?

I’m working on a python project and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Hello. I have created the following code to meet the requirements for the requirements in my assignment, but I need the Python code to function within Lambda so I can create an API for a user to access it. What kind of changes should I make to make it work? My code and the assignment directions are attached. Thank you in advance!

Requirements: As long as it needs to be   |   .doc fileATTACHMENTShomework3.pdfsport_index.txtusing_aws_api_gateway.pdfusing_aws_lambd

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Asian American 3

I need support with this Asian Studies question so I can learn better. Write a review of the reading Marcus and Chen Inside Outside Chinatown Requirements: 250+   |   .doc fileATTACHMENTSmarcus_and_chen_inside_outside_chinatown.pdf

Environmental Science Question

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What is the command for it?

I’m working on a linux question and need a sample draft to help me understand better. What is the command for this, one line is all I need to solve….