Assignment 2: Final Project Step V


The Final Project is a stepwise process, and its goal is to leave you well-prepared by the end of this course to execute on your qualitative research study plan.

In Week 10, you will complete Step V of the Final Project. Step V allows you to develop your skills in selecting the right coding strategy for your study approach and in reporting the appropriate codes and categories for your study. In this Assignment, you will complete Step V.


Submit the following:

  • A draft Analysis Plan (which you will continue to revise later in the week)
  • A summary of the codes and categories you identified in your transcribed documents
  • A 2- to 3-page paper comparing your hand-coding experience with what you researched on QDA software
  • A final analysis plan, with feedback from your peer debriefer integrated into the document

You will need to have completed all 4 tasks in order to be eligible for full credit on this Assignment. Be sure to allow adequate time for each task as you structure your week. A suggested schedule is included here:

The following are websites where you may find examples of QDA Softwear:

Boston University. (n.d.). Qualitative data analysis software comparison. Retrieved December 17, 2016, from…

Predictive Analysis Today. (2016a). Top 15 qualitative data analysis software. Retrieved from…

Predictive Analysis Today. (2016b). Top 21 free qualitative data analysis software. Retrieved from…


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