Assess the attractiveness of the industry and competition and then cycle Industry attractiveness assessment tool

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For this assignment I want you to write a feasibility industry analysis. My business idea is flower baskets with cookies “Compliment”. I want to open instagram based store (no physical location) and conduct all sales online. For part 6 you have to write a summary about 4 pages long where you have to specify the name of the business, business model, and two page summary of the business that includes:

– Precisely and concisely explain your concept, the key benefits it offers, the target market(s) that will value this benefit, and most important, how it will be a distinctive addition to those markets’ current options!
For part 7
you have to write Industry and market feasibility analysis about 4 pages where you have to specify

A. Industry attractiveness / Industry Analysis (extensive research is needed to conduct a comprehensive industry analysis)
B. Market Analysis
C. Timeliness of entry into the target market

Industry Attractiveness

  • To the extent possible, research & assess the industry at the five-digit NAICS code level your potential business will be entering. Use a broader industry category (less NCICS digits) if appropriate (
  • Also review the full list of resources in textbook (Appendix 3.2- Page 108-109 & your library. Your ability to research is PART of this ASSIGNMENT. Be investigative & CITE your sources)
  • Assess the attractiveness of the industry and competition
    and then cycle Industry attractiveness assessment tool and
    -Include above survey -One page summary (min) of your industry -One page summary of your direct, indirect, and future competitors Prompting Questions: Is there a demand for the benefit you intend to create? How much does this demand depend on price? Product? Etc.
    I attached the assignment. The paper should include the cycle answers and industry analysis. total number of pages should be about 8 and plus cyrcle answers.

Note: Please cite all used sources, please!

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