Appraise assessment in order to plan safe, appropriate and individualized care

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Learning outcomes (LO)

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

LO 1 Analyse the role of the nurse in meeting the psycho-social and physical care needs of service users with long-term conditions

LO 2 Appraise assessment findings in order to plan safe, appropriate and individualised care

LO 3 Formulate appropriate plans of care for service users with long-term conditions, recognising the importance of the roles of others by participating in multi-professional and integrated care in order to maximise service user independence

LO 4 Analyse the current evidence base for practice and where appropriate, the use of National Service Frameworks; government policies; guidelines; resources from charities or service user groups and self-management strategies, which inform the management of service users with long-term conditions

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