Apply: There’s No Future Here Incident Analysis

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Dr. Chris Healy, PHR, SHRM-CP, Cebs


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Class, this is the rubric referred to in the Announcements section. Many students use is as a guide to developing an outline for developing the assignments.

Class, In addition to the APA Manual 7th Edition and the tools offered by the University, I am posting this reference as a means to make your use of APA more user-friendly. Dr. ChrisCourse Questions

Have a question about this course? Ask here!Your instructor will monitor this area.If you are a student and know the answer, feel free to help your peers by posting a reply.LinkedIn Learning Access Portal

Use this link to access the LinkedIn Learning website. Search by title to find the specific video to view.Wk 3 Discussion – Learn: Performance Management or Appraisal [due Thurs]

Due date: 7/28/20, 2:59 AM

Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to other students. Due Thursday Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following: Assess why organizations might …Wk 3 – Practice: Knowledge Check [due Sat]

Due date: 7/28/20, 2:59 AM

The questions are randomized. You have unlimited attempts available to complete knowledge checks.Resource Needed for Assignment: Ch. 8, Incident 2 “There No Future Here”Wk 3 – Apply: There’s No Future Here Incident Analysis [due Mon]

Due date: 7/28/20, 2:59 AMHRM/498: Strategic Human Resource Management And Emerging Issues

Wk 3 – Apply: There’s No Future Here Incident Analysis [due Mon]

Wk 3 – Apply: There’s No Future Here Incident Analysis [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Review the Week 3 Individual Knowledge Check.Read Ch. 8, Incident 2 “There’s No Future Here!” The issue of Career Planning and DevelopmentScenario: As the head of HR, you have been asked to write a response to the incident in the form of an interdepartmental memo. You must address important issues about the company’s career planning and development program that are a result of the situation with Bob.Write a 350- to 700-word memo in which you:
    • Provide a critical analysis of the scenario. What are the details (facts) of what took place? What are the considerations of this situation from the employee point of view and from the management point of view?
    • Describe what actions might prevent future resignations like Bob’s, and who should manage an employee’s career—the employer or employee. Explain the rationale for the choice.
    • Recommend changes that should be made to the career planning and development program from the perspective of the head of HR.
    • Identify challenges to making changes, and recommend who should be involved in making the changes (non-HR staff can be included if appropriate).
    • Describe what should be the outcomes of a career planning and development program.
    • Discuss the impact of the new program on overall staff development and the organization’s performance management strategy. (consider different methods of development, succession planning, etc)
    • Summarize a brief policy as an outline to your new career planning and development program.
    • Remember to consider HR principles and employment law in the arguments presented in the paper.

    Use amemo template provided by Microsoft. (Make sure to comply to APA within the template to include cover page, reference page, citations, page numbers, line spacing, etc.) First person is permissible in this assignment. 

    Include a minimum of 3 sources to support your work comprised of the course text and 2 peer reviewed journal articles (see Announcements section for definition of a peer reviewed journal source). Government and professional organization websites are good sources but will be considered as additional sources to the 3 required. Keep in mind that usage of the text must extend beyond merely citing the scenario.
    For further study: Tong, L. (2017, December). Discussion on the role of employee career planning in enterprise human resource management. In 4th International Conference on Education, Management, Arts, Economics and Social Science (ICEMAESS 2017). Atlantis Press.Format the paper to APA standards. There is a template in the Announcements section to help with proper formatting of the cover page. There is another handout posted in the Announcements section that has the main general rules of APA.
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