Analyze the role of preliminary ruling procedure (art. 267 TFEU) in the system of EU law.

You have a choice of 2 topic questions and you must select one essay title. This coursework is and individual one and must not be done as part of group.

The assignment must be submitted both in an electronic (at and  printed version under the same deadline.

Word length: 2500 words +/- 10% (bibliography excluded)

Learning Outcomes Assessed: This course work contributes to learning outcomes 1 and 2, as stated in the course description:

  • Identify, analyze, and critically assess the foundations of EU law
  • Conduct research in the areas of EU law

The front page of a paper shall contain student’s name, chosen topic title and the module title. Pages shall be numbered, paper must be typed and double-spaced; Font size: 12; type normal, Times New Roman.

Student shall present chosen topic, supporting it with relevant arguments and/or ECJ’s  case-law. Also, an adequate referencing to EU legal acts (treaties and/or secondary legislation) and literature shall be present. Student shall pay utmost importance to the issue of plagiarism. The paper shall not be copied in part or in whole from any other source, any direct quotation or paraphrasing shall be properly referenced. Direct quotations shall be in inverted commas.

Assessment Criteria

  • Background research – is there an evidence of independent research of literature and case-law
  • Structure and presentation of paper – the paper shall be well structured and logically organized; shall contain introduction, body and conclusions.
  • Depth of analysis – showing evidence of individual and independent work; logical interpretation of legal acts and case-law
  • Referencing – accurate references, detailed bibliography


  1. Analyze the role of preliminary ruling procedure (art. 267 TFEU) in the system of EU law.


  1. EU’s democracy deficit. Evaluate the roots of this problem and try to analyze what measures on EU level were taken in order to fight against it.



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