Analyze the potential use of retrospective pretest-posttest designs.

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In your Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement text, the validity of retrospective data collection is considered controversial. For this assignment, you will once again refer to the 2009 journal article “Measuring Change in a Short-Term Educational Program Using a Retrospective Pretest Design” by Moore and Tananis. You will focus on examining and evaluating Moore and Tananis’s findings about the use of retrospective data.

In your assignment, address the following, keeping in mind the usefulness of retrospective data:

  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a retrospective pretest design.
    • Make certain to address the validity criteria of pretest-posttest designs.
  • Analyze the potential use of retrospective pretest-posttest designs.
  • Discuss the practical limitations relevant to choosing a research design in a program evaluation.
  • Discuss whether you would recommend using a retrospective pretest design in program evaluation. Why or why not?


  • Justify your rationale throughout your assignment with information from the Moore and Tananis article as well as from your textbook readings.
  • Communicate through writing that is concise, balanced, and logically organized.
  • Communicate through writing that applies current APA style and formatting and conforms to all assignment instructions.

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