Analysis of merger or divestiture activities

This assignment is Due Tuesday December 27th 2016. Word document attached with directions for this assignment 


Ford Motor Co. is the selected company


Based on the company which is Ford Motor Co. that has been selected for your client’s investment, prepare an analysis of financing strategies you would propose to pursue your recommendation. Use 1 to 5 pages.


Include a discussion of the following topics in your financing strategy analysis for Ford Motor Co.

  • Capital structure analysis.


  • Various debt and equity instruments.



  • Impact on risk, return, earnings per share, price-earnings ratios, price per share, and company value.


  • Valuation of financial assets (stocks and bonds) used to carry out the deal.



  • Analysis of current dividend policies: any proposed changes.


  • Analysis of merger or divestiture activities.



  • Analysis of any leasing activities.
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