An essay on Waris Shah’s Hir

In writing this paper you should be able to read and understand Punjabi. You are writing a final paper. You are responsible for handing in a 8 page d paper (topic stated below) for review. This process is important. Paper must be at least 8 pages in length, and utilize 3 outside sources. Please note that the essay must utilize outside sources. I have attached 2 sources for you, a book by Gaur and article by Jeevan Deol. Please only use scholarly sources. Your primary source is Hir By waris shah (in punjabi) also attached. The topic and paper proposal are written below. As well as instructions to follow are also listed for content, format and sources please follow everything precisely! A draft is also attached in the sources with feedback PLEASE TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT IT AND FOLLOW IT THE COMMENTS TO DO WELL FOR THIS PAPER. Thank you.

All final essays must:
Ø develop an argument in a coherent, compelling way
Ø have a thoughtful beginning, middle, and end
Ø be grammatically correct
Ø have a tone appropriate for the intended audience
Ø clearly articulate the topic and provide sufficient introduction to the content being
Ø develop ideas in a coherent way and provide compelling argument for the project
Ø provide a clear narrative for viewers
Ø provide a sense of the context for the proposed exhibition, with a sense of its importance and historical/theoretical value
**form and content are very important so please follow the guidelines below:
Aspects of FORM:
• Basic formal requirements
• References and citation format
• Grammar and spelling
• Clarity
Basic requirements: Professional-looking. Easy to read, (12pt font; 25mm margins; 1.5 spaced lines; numbered pages; header with your name, course number, assignment number). Include a word count at the
end and do not go beyond the maximum number of words. A cover page is not required.
References and citation format. Proper citation is the way to take part in scholarly debate and discussion. Written work should
include a bibliography or reference list at the end; identify the citation style used in this case APA, which may be
in-line or footnotes. Remember, you must include page numbers and cite both direct quotation and summary.
helpful note: See Chapter 15, “Documenting Your Sources” from Making Sense in Religious Studies (2011).
Grammar and spelling. Write for an academic audience. Work for an academic audience should be formal in tone, and use
correct grammar and spelling.
Clarity of expression means choosing the most concise and direct sentences, and most commonly used words.
Remember to ruthlessly omit unnecessary words.

Aspects of CONTENT:
• Structure and organization
• Comprehension and analysis
• Choice of examples
• Argument and logic
Structure. Organization of the work. Clear beginning and ending, with each body paragraph devoted to one example or
analytical point. A good paragraph does not merely describe, but strengthen an assertion or component of your overall
thesis. Begin with an introduction that states the paper topic, your thesis, and presents your conclusions as
specifically as possible. Your thesis is very important make it real strong!!! with no loopholes in it!
Comprehension and analysis. Component parts of written work: evidence, data, claims, and descriptions. Demonstrate
understanding of course material and the readings attached. Use technical terms and names correctly.
Choice of examples. Selection of examples the readings. It is not necessary to go beyond course readings to excel. Examples should be cited as summary or direct quotation and contribute to the
assertion or key point of the paragraph where they are placed. The significance of each example should be clearly
explained. Argument and logic. Central thesis and overall flow. Written work should have an overall thesis that is argued for, step-bystep,
throughout. This is the marrow of written work, and the best opportunity to display creative or critical thinking on
a subject. Your thesis is the main point of the work, and should be one, concise sentence.
be typed using a 12 pt font (in Times New Roman or Garamond), with one inch margins, double-spaced, and include page numbers.
Ø include a header only on the first page with your full name, the date, the assignment number, and the course number.

Here is the proposal for this paper:

Paper Proposal: How Hir is described sexually in Waris Shah’s Hir. This paper will focus entirely on the depiction of Hir and how Hir is sexualized in Waris Shah’s Hir. Much of Waris Shah’s depiction of femininity focuses on Hir’s beauty and it is evident that her description is quite racy. She has no sexual autonomy of her own besides from the privileges she receives through class and that from her prenatal home.

I have attached a story by Charles Frederick Usborne of Hir which is in English this is just so if you cant understand the Punjabi version of it (this is only for understanding stuff you cant in the punjabi version do not use it in your paper to refer to things, you will see what i mean when you look at the feedback on the draft). I would prefer you to be able to read the Punjabi version which I have also attached by Waris Shah( this is your primary source for this paper) and use quotes and scenes directly from there. I do not want Charles Frederick Usborne’s version to be used as a source so PLEASE do not plagiarize or quote from there, it is very close to the Punjabi version, so it is just to really help you understand the story in detail. When quoting scenes and verses to argue for your paper it should be directly from Waris Shah’s Hir and no other source. I have also attached a DIRECT translation by Sant Singh Sekhon this one you can use as a source( there are two attachments for this as one of them is missing pages). If you do decide to use an outside SCHOLARLY source that helps you with your argument thats fine cite it, but I have attached one article and a book that would be useful in writing this paper(they are also listed it the attached outline to give you a gist). Please do read the Gaur book and Jeevan Deol’s article(which area also attached) in detail as this is what is going to help you strengthen your paper and argument. The outline which you need to use and should follow the with comments critiquing it(act on those comments, when writing the paper) please read it carefully before starting this paper. Please attend to the comments on the outline as this is feedback that needs to be acted upon to make this paper great. I have also listed references on the outline page that may help you and save you some time, when writing this draft. I have also attached a file by KS DUGGAL on the story of heer ranjha to help you get the gist of the story (this is optional and just there to help you understand this Punjabi folk romance of Hir and Ranjha). When you cite the verses you are using in your essay about Hir I want it to be directly from the PUNJABI source I have attached that is why it is essential that you can read punjabi and understand it, also this website may help you (dont cite it or plagiarize though, just there to help you) : – it has the chapters in english and verses in punjabi but you can translate it to english on a computer ( it is just there to help you ONLY as well), but the verse you use needs to match the original punjabi Waris Shah source that i have attached, that is your primary source. (Also the Waris Shah primary source is 2 files but Ive labeled them part 1 and part 2 so you do not get confused). Thank you and good luck. Any questions, just please ask!

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