Aerodynamic OR Performance paper assignment (theory, aircraft design, wing design, etc.).

Research Paper Details

The paper must be written on an aerodynamics or performance topic (theory, aircraft design, wing design, etc.). The best source for topics is the table of contents and index of aerodynamics and performance texts. The paper cannot be a topic that has been used in another class and will be submitted to SafeAssign. Only one topic per student (first come first serve) so reserve your topic by emailing me the abstract ASAP but no later than the date shown on the course schedule. If your topic is taken I will advise and you will have to select another. If you have not had a topic approved by the deadline, you will not be allowed to turn a topic in later, and will forfeit the bonus opportunity. Do not assume I received and approved your topic unless you receive an email reply. Save my email approval for your records. If you reserve a topic you may change it ONLY ONCE as long as it is done before the topic due date. You should have several sources actually cited in your work (not just listed at the end). A quality paper normally has one reference per page, so a 1250 word paper would have at minimum 5 different sources.

The maximum number of quantity percent points you can receive is 20% for every 250 words (equals approximately one double spaced page; words counted are in the body of the paper, not title page, headers, works cited, appendix, etc.) up to 100 percent. The overall quality percent will be determined by content (75%; relevance to course, conciseness [fluff factor], excessive cut and pasting of direct quotes, significance of aerodynamics or performance to paper topic, quantity and quality of sources, etc.); style (25%; spelling, grammar, punctuation, compliance with APA , etc.). The number of quantity percent points will be multiplied by the quality percent and then the early or late factor will then be applied. Since there is a time factor consideration, the first paper that is submitted and replied to will be the final version accepted, so please make sure you send the paper in its final form and send the right version. If the file is corrupt and cannot be opened, it does not count as a submission.

Some Guidance on the Optional Bonus Research Paper

First read all the information and guidance about the paper available on Blackboard. In selecting your topic and writing your paper keep in mind the objective of this is to research new information about a topic related to aerodynamics and/or aircraft performance beyond what is already covered in the course and the course text, and beyond what you personally already know. In doing so you are rewarded by getting up to 10 bonus points on your overall score (a full letter grade). A common mistake is to pick a topic off the top of the head without first having researched what sources and information is available about that topic. Sometimes this quick selection of a topic results in one that is far too broad, or one that does not have good external (beyond the course or course text) sources of information.

Keep in mind it must be related to this course (aerodynamics and or aircraft performance) do not write a paper that would be better suited for another course such as a course on aviation history, engines, aviation safety, meteorology, or pilot operational ground school course. Writing a paper suited for a class other than this one would not result in bonus points.

You must go deeper and more detail than what is already covered in the course material and course textbook. Use that as your starting point. So if you selected a topic covered in the course, read the course and text material first (even if we have not yet covered it) but your paper should have new material from sources outside the course. So in that case, start where the course and textbook leaves off and let your resources take you into new material not covered in the course. What you can find in your sources outside the course is what will tell you if it is a good topic or not. I

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