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Outside Reports

            Your report should show connections (and contrasts) to the given unit; and supplements its thesis development with ideas and examples from 1 outside source that is conceptual or scholarly.

The Outside Report has 3 parts: brief summary, application to unit readings, and research. making about a 4-5 page report (may be longer). The summary must be as concise as possible—about a page or less; the application to unit readings is intended to be the largest part of the report; the research part should be detailed enough to show the basic ideas of the source you found, and especially how it applies to the topics addressed in the unit (similarities and/or differences).


  1. MOVIES. To report on a movie:
  • Write an introduction that sets up your entire report: your selected movie, how it relates or not to the unit, what insights from research you will cover. This is a brief preview of your report.
  • First write a concise, condensed summary that clearly shows what the story or content includes, highlighting its main message and important scenes. Cover the whole movie, but be selective with examples. This summary could be as brief as one paragraph; it should not at all dominate the report, and instead should be very compact. This is not the main focus of the assignment; just give readers an idea of main elements of the movie. Again, do not plagiarize a summary from another source, such as IMDb, Wikipedia, etc.
  • Then write a second section which tells how, from your point of view, the ideas relate to (or differ from) the unit we are currently studying. Demonstrate this by selecting important ideas or examples from the movie and then clearly explain how selected examples from as many readings for that unit as possible relate to it, and/or show how it is distinct from some other readings’ ideas, citing the readings according to MLA format (or at least name the readings in your sentences). You may find several connections to unit readings, or you may find that the movie contrasts some or all of the unit readings. Make your explanations very clear, but concise. This is the heart and main emphasis of the report, and is likely to be the largest part of it.
  • After that, write a third section that draws a connection to a primary source (such as Plato, Descartes, William James, etc.—well established thinkers), or a scholarly academic or professional journal article (or book excerpt) that addresses the main ideas or issues involved. This source must not be from this or any other class, but something that you find on your own. For example, for a movie about a teacher who motivates her or his students, you could find an article or book about motivation, teaching, etc. Quite often, you can find an experimental study or other scholarly work that investigates a similar topic. Ask me for help as needed with this part of the report. This part may be shorter than the second section, but it is just as important, so be sure that it is effectively and clearly developed—do not rush through this part.
  • Provide a conclusion that sums up the 3 parts your report has presented. In all, work to coordinate the three parts as smoothly as possible into a single essay with a guiding thesis. Provide a Works Cited page, in MLA format, that includes the movie, the readings, and the sources you found.
•        Hamlet (any of several versions, e.g., Sir Laurence Olivier, Mel Gibson) Connect to Unit 2 readings. Reading are below.



Readings to connect the movie with: Use at least 4

The Epic of Gilgamesh

Bruno Bettelheim “The Child’s Need for Magic”

“Enter Io crazed and horned”

Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound “The Basics of Buddhist Wisdom”

“Some Simple Instructions for Living a Happy Life, Courtesy of the Budda”

The Heart Surta

The Wheel of Life Information

“Skillfulness” in The Wings to Awakening from the Pali Canon

Before my self-awakening.Filial Piety Sutra




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