access to computers should be unlimited and total



  • Many hackers claim to believe that “access to computers should be unlimited and total” and that “all information should be free.” Do you agree with these statements? Why or why not?


  • Many midsized firms are investing in ERP system packages, such as SAP and PeopleSoft.  Comment on what you think might be particularly important a part of the decision-making process when the purchasing organization has only a small IS department.


  • You run a small business.  You have no IS specialists on your staff and plan to purchase all of your software.  What might be your three most important concerns?



This section contains the following elements:


  • References with Harvard style and the number of references not less than three Academic Articles or books.
  • The answer of each question should have about 500 words.
  • Please, make sure that there is no Plagiarism


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