Academic Performance and Self-Rewarding Behavior

Experiment Writeup Guide
1. Use Times New Roman Font, size 12
2. Quality counts more than quantity

Introduction -3pts. Approx. 2-3 pages

10 APA cited journal articles that relate to the topic of the study should be discussed in a thoughtful and well organized manner (2.5 pts)
-explain how each study’s findings relate to your research topic

The goals and hypotheses of the current study be outline in the final paragraph of the introduction (.5 pts)

Methods 1 pt. .5-1page

Materials and Procedures-include an explanation and rationale for each step that was taken in the study. (.5pts)

Participants-provide detailed demographic information on the sample-mean age, gender breadown, where we recruited them from, etc (.5pt.)

Results-2.5pts. .5-1page

Describe the statistical procedures we used and the result APA sytle (2pts)

Provide at least one chart or graph summarizing the result. The cart should be clearly labeled and described to the reader in the text (.5pt)

Discussion 3pts. 1.5-4 page

Reiterate the main finidings of the sutdy and explain what they mean (1 pt)
-were your hypothese supported? Why/why not?

Relate the results from your study to the sudies discussed in your introduction (1pt)
-did you get the same, or different results than other studies?

Discuss limiations of the study-what unexpected issuse arose? What could/should be done differently in the future? Make specific suggestions for future researchers intersested in conducting similar experiments (1pt)

References (.5 pts)

10 APA formatted citations of journal articles (.5pts)

The Following

100 college students from Rutgers University, New Jersey

Online Survey Questionnaire
Google Forms sent to Rutgers college students through email

Male- (0) 31
Female- (1) 69……………..


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Clarify the role of each legally mandated attendee on the Individualized Education Program team

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