About Cyberbullying.

Question description

Part 1

Pick an article over one year old. (About Cyberbullying)

Give a 50 word narrative of what you are looking for and how you are searching for it. Tell us about what sorts of articles and materials you came up with.

Continue your narrative for 50 more words and tell us which news article you chose and why.

Write a paragraph summary of the article.

Provide the correct APA citation of the article.


  • Narrative of search – 1
  • Narrative of selection – 1
  • Appropriate material selected – 1
  • Summary – 2
  • APA reference – 1

Part 2

Choose one of your targets from M1: Target Finding(I want to choose Cyberbullying) and revise it into a short statement (about 100 to 200 words). You might find that you do like either of the targets you identified earlier. In this case feel free to write about a third but please do write more to explain it sufficiently.

Write a short story about an event when the target is created and experienced by people. These stories are better when they are based on real events and especially events you experienced directly. However, in the case when you do not have access to real information and events then fill in the blanks with fiction. Please make it clear to your reader when you are in fiction or speculation mode and when you are recounting real life. In order to fully explain/explore your target you may need to write more than one story. You should use as much space as it requires but at minimum your story telling should be 400 words.

Finally, using your story as a resource, draw a system diagram of the major parts of your target. Identify at least four agents (causes) and four ramifications (outcomes).


Choose and identify an appropriate target – 2pts

A story that illuminates the target – it raises questions and shows complexity – 4pts

A system diagram of major parts of the target and how the parts are related – 2pts

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