A Management Accounting Perspective on Safety

A Management Accounting Perspective on Safety

The essay length should be 1500 words and with 5 references, and I have already found two references:

• Tappura, S., Sievänen, M., Heikkilä, J., Jussila, A., & Nenonen, N. (2015). A management accounting perspective on safety. Safety Science, 71, 151-159. Retrieved from http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0925753514000198

• Angelakis, G., Theriou, N., & Lordanis, F., (2010). Adoption and benefits of management accounting practices: Evidence from Greece and Finland. SienceDirect 87-96. Retrieved from

Essay plan:

A management Accounting Perspective on Safety

Statement of intention: What are the benefits of Accounting Management for a Business?

Thesis statement: Accounting is a very important aspect of a business process; therefore, the success of a business depends by a certain level on Accounting Management and here I will illustrate why.

Essay map:
• Management accounting provides managers with relevant information and analysis of a certain operation.
• Monetary information, financial information and non-financial information are needed to guide safety-related decision-making.
• Accounting is an important department in a business……………..

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