a fictional story

Step 1

Before you write, think of a fictional story that you know. It could be a movie, a video game, a novel, a TV show, a short story, a tale a family member told you, or a song (or any fictional/fake story). Think about if this story teaches a lesson about the world, or if it is making an argument about the world. What is your story trying to teach us? Can your fictional story tell the truth in a way that “real life” events cannot?

 For example, if you are talking about the Lion King, it is obviously not a true story. But can the Lion King reveal any truth about the world? Can it tell us the truth about human nature through fictional talking lions? 

Step 2

Once you think of your fictional story, you are ready to post in this discussion. Please reply to this part by Sunday, August 30th at 11:59pm. 

In a reply to this discussion, write down the title of your story, and tell us about the lesson that the movie teaches us. The reply should be only a sentence or two about the main lesson it teaches us. Just choose one story for your reply, but here are three examples:

  1. The Lion King: This movie teaches us that we are all part of “the circle of life”, and that we should remain loyal to our family. 
  2. Halloween: This movie teaches us that evil can exist anywhere…especially the suburbs. 
  3. La Llorona: This story teaches us that we should listen to our parents and authority figures. If we don’t, she might get us us. 
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