A Critique of an Educational Issue in China

Assignment 5— Individual Written paper: A Critique of an Educational Issue in China

Main contents: contemporary education issues in China that you are interested in or have an impact on yourequirement:

A. Format requirements: paper format, using academic language, avoid vernacular. When reading the literature, pay special attention to sentence patterns, terms, formats, etc

B. Literature requirements: no less than 10 articles, published in the past ten years, to facilitate teachers to trace the source, in order to verify the reference.

C. Submission requirements: check the duplicate with trunitin before submitting in the assignment drop box.

D. Number of words: 1500 words, the following content is contained in 1500 words, with emphasis!!!!

Cover: name, ID, title and 4 key wordsIntroduction: To summarize the methods you use, you can also briefly describe the background of the topic you are talking aboutSummarize the main contents of the thesisPersonal background: briefly describe the relationship between your current teaching work and your selected topic, and explain why you are interested in this topic. So don’t ask if you have to discuss education topics, whether the topic must be related to your work. It’s all will! Must! Yes! I am a teacher who gives the lessons about fine arts and drawing, so please choose the topic from this perspective.

The discussion of key points and your evaluation: these two parts are the reproduction of the presentation. We must list out the arguments. Even our own views also need to be supported by evidence. We should be reasonable, not just opinions.Conclusion: summary and suggestions should arouse readers’ thinking, not just repeat the previous views.References: only the parts cited in the paper are listed. Don’t list those that you have read but have not introduced into the paper.TIPS:Use an academic style of writing including an introduction and conclusion. The introduction should outline the approach to be taken and the conclusion summarizes the argument and leaves the reader with something to think about. Paragraphs should follow sequentially with the first sentence of each paragraph indicating the main theme of theparagraph to provide the reader with an idea of the author’s intention or to act as an introduction. Writing should be succinct and coherent, synthesizing the reading material with personal interpretation.

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