Multicultural Counseling Conceptualization Instructions

This assignment requires you to develop a general framework for working with a specific population from the list provided in the table below. You will demonstrate an understanding of inter- and intra-group characteristics to promote the delivery of culturally sensitive counseling services. You must respond to each item/question in the LiveText template, which mirrors the rubric for this assignment. This assignment must be 4–5 pages (not including a title page).

You are required to purchase LiveText for this course and for completion of this program. LiveText is a one-time purchase, and you may contact the Liberty University Bookstore for purchasing information. This is not optional. Do not wait until the assignment is due since it takes time to get your password and access.

The information requested in the rubric is typed directly into the LiveText template. Do not attach the model as a file in LiveText. It will not be accepted as a file attachment in LiveText or as an email.

The LiveText template headings are IDENTICAL to the rubric component headings in title and sequence. Following the rubric components ensures that you stay focused on the rubric and what is being requested for the assignment. It also aids your instructor in locating the information to ensure it has been covered and that you receive credit for covering the required assignment elements. For this reason, when you enter the template in LiveText you simply leave the question/item and begin typing under each question/item. Do not summarize all items of a component in 1 response. One response is required for each item under each component.

Choose a group from the following list, selecting a group different from your own.

African Americans Asian Americans
Caucasian Americans Latin Americans
Native Americans Individuals who are Impoverished
Males Females
Individuals who are Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Individuals with Disabilities


This assignment is due via LiveText by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8

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