Please draft a memo of not more than 1,500 words to the board explaining the copyright implications of the project and your proposals for dealing with them. In particular you must address (at least) the following; 1. What copyright and moral rights issues arise in relation to the music, the performances, the recordings, the proposed photography, the book and the proposed filming? 2. If no such issues arise in respect of a particular category of material above, why not? 3. If a copyright or moral rights issue does arise, how do you propose to deal with? 4. If a copyright or moral rights issue does arise, to what risks would Sprouts be exposed if you do not deal with it? 5. Does it make a difference if you engage employees of Sprouts, or outsiders, to do the filming or the photography? 6. What moral rights will the makers of the film footage have when the relevant material is created?………….</p>
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