) Many developing countries notably in Africa, Asia and South America have their economies largely depended on the Agricultural sector. Discuss ways in which the agriculture and water sectors contribute to rural economies and ways of improving them (25 Marks)
2) Asses the role of county governments in rural development in the sectors of health, education and rural infrastructure. (15 Marks)
3) Give an account of how the government of Kenya has invested in the development of rural areas since independence to date and evaluate their levels of success and challenges associated with the same (15 Marks).
4) Asses the distribution of rural incentives and disincentives to community participation in rural development in Kenya. Use relevant examples for illustration. (15 Marks)
5) Explain the following strategies of rural development:
i) Integrated development
ii) Rural livelihood diversification
iii) Provision of credit
iv) Rehabilitation of infrastructures
v) Natural resource development
6) Capacity building of the rural communities is a major catalyst to rural development. Discuss ways in which this can be done by various actors in Kenya’s rural areas.(15 marks)





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