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I need help for homework

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I’m studying for my Calculus class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

I need someone to help me with my calculus 2 and discrete maths homework. I have attached them below, and I will provide more information later if needed. ThanksATTACHMENTS




Humanities Question

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I don’t understand this Humanities question and need help to study.

Write an essay of more than three-hundred fifty words/one page plus on the following topic to display your ability to describe, analyze and evaluate a work of art. Use the information and insight you have gained from your study of this specific humanities/art area to present a well written, edited and substantial view into your personal views on this creative topic.

Self-Portrait from the Humanities Self-Portrait: a portrait of an artist produced or created by that artistSelect an excellent self-portrait by one of the great artists from any century, a work of art with which you identify either aesthetically or intellectually.Describe, describe, describe the significant formal elements in the work [articulation, clarity, perspective, focus, palette] and convey how these….

Writing Question

Question Description I’m working on a Writing question and need guidance to help me study.

Hello! Thanks for helping me with my politics essay last time!

I have received the feedback from my teacher (YTM.pdf) and I hope that you could rewrite some parts of it according to his suggestions.

I have attached the same guidelines and required readings.

Thank you!:)

Topic: The Leadership approaches of Theresa May and David Cameron

Please download the guidelines attached and look at the required structure of the essay.

Some recommended readings are also required for knowledge points.

Requirements: 1500 words

Draw 3 concept sketches for your full product.

Draw 3 concept sketches for your full product. Question Description

I don’t understand this Engineering question and need help to study.

Draw 3 concept sketches for your full product.

On each sketch, label key components or sub-systems, and very briefly (less than 30 words) describe which ideation method led you to the idea/ideas in the sketched machine (e.g., reframing with words on function x, or name of the TRIZ principle resolving conflict between requirements a & b).

The sketches can be hand-drawn, but they should be scanned (distortion-free) and visible; check your file before submission.

Each sketch must be on a separate page.

Upload all 3 sketches in 1 pdf file. You are scored based on the variety, novelty, and quality of ideas. Each sketch must show a full product,….