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Business Question

I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.

The exam will hold on Feb 27 7:00 pm-8:40 pm Toronto time

pls take a look for the PPT a show in below. pls make sure you have ability to do this exam.

1) There will be 20-25 Multiple Choice Questions (each worth 1 point) covering the chapters 1- 5.

2) There will be 4-5 short essay questions covering the following cases and anything related to the course (textbook, recorded lecture as well as anything posted online):

a) Chapter 1 case : Global McEthics , starting on page 38.

b) Chapter 2 case: American Apparel, starting on page 79.

c) Chapter 3 case: Canada’s Oil sand, starting on page 129.

d) Chapter 4 case: Volkswagen emissions, starting on page 176.

e) Chapter 5 case: Siemens,….

Listening Response

’m working on a Songwriting exercise and need support.

Choose one musical example from each group and respond to the questions or characteristics assigned to it. In total, you will select and respond to three examples. Your responses must be original and stated in your own words, but you are welcome to refer the Bakan text when preparing them. For each of the examples you select, clearly state the group number, playlist number, track number, and track title (e.g., Group 1, PL 1-9, Blackbird: Song) before providing your response to the questions or characteristics

Group 1 PL 1-1: Surat Al-Mulk (verses 1-12) PL 1-8: Calluna Vulgaris PL 1-9: Blackbird: Song Question for Group 1: In 2-3 paragraphs containing no more than four sentences each, use Bakan’s….

Dirty_COW attack lab

I’m working on a Cyber Security question and need guidance to help me study.

This lab provides hands-on interactive activities that will allow you to gain practical experience. Carefully read through the Overview content of the lab (see attachment file). It provides detailed instructions for accessing and completing the labs in this course.

After completing the assigned activities, take a screenshot showing that each has been completed. Paste these screenshots into a Microsoft Word document and submit as evidence of completion.

Requirements: word file   |   .doc fileATTACHMENTSdirty_cow_attack_lab.pdf

Art Question

I’m studying for my Art class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

The essay should be double-spaced, 12-point font, standard margins all around.Do not use a title page. Instead, place your name, course title, semester, and date inthe upper left corner of the first page.Your paper should be 4-5 pages in length.Embed or attach the image you’ve chosen to describe.Do not use any outside sources besides our text. Cite the author & page if you do.Plagiarizing information off the Internet: Don’t Do ItFirst, introduce the work you’ve chosen by stating the artist, title, date, and medium. Next, tell your reader what it is. (Is it a narrative painting? Portrait of an actual person? Landscape? Still-life? etc.)Next,formulatetheBodyofyourpaperbydescribingthework(thisisyouranalysis of the formal properties),….

Weather embedded system in python

I’m studying and need help with a Computer Science question to help me learn.

Add to code below so specifications are met:

Frequency of Data: Readings must be taken once every 30 minutes, and the readings must be incrementally stored in a JSON file. To clarify, each reading must be added to a single JSON file so that a flat file of readings is stored over time.

Output Visual Using LEDs:

*Green LED lights up when the last conditions are: temperature > 60 and < 85, and humidity is < 80%

*Blue LED lights upwhen the last conditions are: temperature > 85 and < 95, and humidity is < 80%

*Red LED lights up when the last conditions are: temperature > 95

*Green and Blue LED….