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SEE6020 Event operation Discussion

I’m trying to study for my Risk Management course and I need some help to understand this question.

Introduction to the Concept of Gemba Kaizen (3:01)

For this discussion, further research the Kemba Gaizen process. In your response, first describe what you believe are the key points of this process. Then, choose a new event, discuss how you could use the process to improve operations for your chosen event. How would you implement these changes for your venue?

Requirements: 1 page

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You’ve read Anne Frank’s essay, “Give” and discussed it on your discussion board. We’ve gone over rhetorical strategies in our zoom meeting. We’ve also looked at the prompt for our first essay, which will be a rhetorical analysis of Frank’s essay. In the prompt are specific instructions on how to structure the essay, including what goes into the introduction. You have an example of a student’s rhetorical analysis (3.6). Assume that your reader (audience) has not read “Give” and doesn’t know anything about Frank or what she is writing about. So you need to provide this information in the….

I have ten different questions related to the risk management that needs to be answered.

I’m working on a risk management multi-part question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

There are ten different questions related to the risk nad quality management. There is no paper limit ofr it as long as the questions have been answered. I would like at least a short paragraphed answers for all the questions.

Requirements: 5 to 6 pagesATTACHMENTSford_2.docx


I need an explanation for this Economics question to help me study.

Use the graphical money market model to show the effect of a decline in real GDP on the interest rate. Explain your answer (including which curves shift, and why). (5 points)Suppose the German economy is represented by the following equations: (15 points)





What is the level of GDP? Show your work. (5)What is the government spending multiplier? Again, show your work (i.e. do not plug numbers into an equation you write down from elsewhere). (5)The government wants to increase GDP by 500. What change in government spending is required? (2.5)If the marginal propensity to consume increased from 0.5 to 0.6 would government spending be more or less effective at increasing….

Mocking and Refactoring

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To complete this assignment, you will need experience with mocking, code smells, refactoring and Test-Driven Development (TDD). Its not very hard, part of the codes are provided in zip file and please follow the instrucitons inside PDF and please write 100% of the codes by yourself

Requirements: 100   |   .doc file | JavaATTACHMENTScsci3130_winter2021_a3.pdfcsci3130_winter2021_a3.zip