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Case study Analysis( paper)- Prime Bank of Massachusetts

APA format is required. References should be listed immediately after the question that is being answered. Each question lists a minimum number of unique scholarly references; the textbook is considered one unique reference (per question) regardless of how many times it is used. All references should be from the years 2007 to present day.

Review the rubric that will be used to evaluate this paper. All work must be completed individually.

What must companies focus on in order to survive in today’s business environment? Use at least two unique references. Length: 4-5 paragraphs (at least 100 words per paragraph).Read the case: Prime Bank of Massachusetts(file is attached). Develop a list of changes for the operations function that should be considered by the bank. Use at least one unique reference. Begin by….

“Letter from Birmingham Jail” was written by Martin Luther King Jr.


“Letter from Birmingham Jail” was written by Martin Luther King Jr., as the title indicates, while he was confined in the Birmingham city jail in April, 1963. King is ostensibly responding to a “Public Statement by Eight Alabama Clergymen” who called the actions of King and other non-violent protesters “unwise and untimely.” However, the real audience for this letter becomes the white moderates who favor civil rights but who have done nothing to aid the struggle.


As you read the letter, note how King establishes his ethos, appeals to his audience through pathos, and even employs logos-based arguments. Once you have read the letter, post a response of 2 – 3 paragraphs explaining where you see King using these appeals (quoting relevant passages and citing the….

I need to write a medical report to academic advisor

Dear Sir or Madam,

I need to write to my academic advisor a medical report

( Turki Alanazi came to our hospital after 14 days of his return from the United States on jan 23rd 2020 . The patient complained of shortness of breath, wheezes and cough but has no fever, neither hypertension.Upon investigation, it was found out that the client had contracted coronavirus and his health condition was at risk since he also had Bronchial asthma refferd to ICU. After, The patient swipe was postive. stayed at the ICU was treated with Covid19 Protocol be isolated at Hospital for three weeks since july 14th . The patient was also advised to be attending a pulmonology clinic every month. )