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Social Impact Analysis (SIA) Capstone Paper

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Identify a contemporary or leading edge design, product or concept (DPC) that has the potential for significant societal impacts if widely deployed. Your Social Impact Analysis Capstone Paper must provide formal research references to support the paper’s content and conclusions on your chosen topic. Your literature resources might be scientific and engineering journal articles, popular publications, patents, copyrights, etc. You must use one of these standard citation styles (APA, MLA, Turabian, or Chicago) to cite your sources. Using Microsoft Word makes it very easy to create appropriate citations using one of these standards. You may use the Internet to do your research, but if you do, you must cite the….

Dubai Case Study

For this case study, students will prepare an assessment of between 1100 and 1200 words of text, 1.5 spaced. Each case study should have a separate bibliography including at least 2 references, using APA format. Bibliography does not count towards word count. This assessment should have:

TitleTopic sentence (a single sentence or two which summarize the student’s understanding of the situation, the actions taken by the consulting engineer, and lessons learned)Situation assessment (What was the factual situation on the ground? What were the main challenges? What role could, and should, the consulting engineer play?)Lessons learned (this should include not just the lessons learned by the consulting engineer as expressed in the case study, but the lessons learned by the student looking at the case study as a whole)


Geology Lab Assignment

Glacial Processes.docx

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G205: Glaciers

A glacier is a body of ice and snow that moves under the influence of gravity and its own weight. Evidence that a glacier is moving includes crevasses, flow features on the surface of the glacier, and a stream emerging from the terminus of the glacier filled with ground rock called glacial flour.

All glaciers consist of two parts. The upper part is perennially covered with snow, and is referred to as the zone of accumulation. The lower part is the zone of ablation, where calving, melting, and evaporation occur. If, over a period of time, the amount of snow a glacier gains is greater than the amount of water and ice it loses, then the glacier will expand or advance. If….


What Size is Your Footprint?

We’ve all heard that we should “Go Green”, but what exactly does this mean? What impact do we have on the earth in our everyday lives? Taking the Ecological Footprint* Quiz will give you the size of your personal footprint on the earth and its environment. Be warned – your feet are bigger than you think!

Using the ecological footprint calculator on the Global Footprint Network-Advancing the Science of Sustainability website athttp://footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/calculators/ calculate your ecological footprint and record your result.  Then discuss in detail different ways how you can reduce your personal effect on the environment and make the earth a safer place to live.

*Ecological footprint tells us how much nature we use compared to how much nature we have.

Environmental Problems Love Canal: Case Study In Soil Contamination

GEO 208

Assignment 2

100 point (5 %)

Environmental Problems

Love Canal: Case study in soil contamination

Date: May 27, 2019

After Watching the Love canal environmental pollution cases study on the website (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrWtd1P-NoU). Answer the following questions.

1. What is the “Love Canal”?

2. What was the purpose of building the love canal?

3. Why did the Love canal project stop?

4. What do people/industries use the love canal for after the project stopped?

5. By 1953, the canal was filled with over 20 tons of chemicals. What were those chemicals?

6. How much did the chemical company sold the west disposal land to the school?

7. What were some of the health problems that the residents in the area suffered from?

8. What Happened in the….

Threats Defense Argument

Due in Week 10 and worth 100 points

The information you provided in your presentation on Threats to the Global Environment has led to productive debates at the UN General Assembly! There are now questions about prioritizing the issues at hand. Some of the countries are challenging your recommendations and questioning your reasons for not including the issues they believe are priority.

From the initial eight global threats, there are four remaining threats that you did not choose in the list of major global issues. Review the list of topics and reflect on two that you did not use in last week’s assignment. Defend your reason for considering these topics lower in priority than the ones in your presentation.

Energy sources

Civil war


Poor health of entire populations