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Table Business Rules

Chapter 4 discusses Business Rules. For the 5 tables you are working on please establish business rules for each of the tables and columns.

For example and using the EmployeeID table:1) Primary Key will be comprised of a single column – EmployeeID2) EmployeeID will be stored as a Numeric field for a maximum of 10 digits. No spaces, characters permitted3) LastName and FirstName columns will be stored as a character field and allow special characters ‘ and -. No spaces if two names are combined4) Cell Phone will be stored as a alphanumeric character for a maximum of 20 characters allowing international formats5) Experience Level will be stored as a character only with default values of: Master, Senior, Junior6) No Null values permitted in any column7) All values….

Pay Attention to Detail

Choose one of the following topics to complete a lesson plan:


Construction of Parallel Lines


The English System

Side,Side,Side Congruence Condition (SSS) – constructing a triangle given three sides

Side,Angle,Side Property (SAS) – constructions including two sides and an included angle of a triangle

Angle,Side,Angle Property (ASA)

Complete lesson plan in your own words. Fill out each section in the template in its entirety. Be sure to focus on the: Overview, Objectives, Time, Materials, and Activity. Write out detail information in each section. No Bullet Points please!!

Foundations of Addiction Counseling.


Tom, 45, occasionally went to the casino with some friends as a fun night out, but lately he noticed himself returning there on his own, spending hours at a time at a single blackjack table. His friends asked him about it, but he brushed off their concerns. As time passed, he spent more time at the casino and often lied to his wife about it.

Based on what you have learned in this module about motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral restructuring, and solution-focused therapy, which approach or approaches do you think are most relevant for Tom’s situation?

Within your discussion, address the following points:

Define motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral restructuring, and solution-focused therapy applied to addiction.Based on what you have learned in this module, what are two techniques within….

Compliance and Social Responsibility

Create a video, about 5 minutes long (minimum 3 minutes; maximum 8).

Imagine you are hired as the Director of Compliance and Social Responsibility for Shaffer Enterprises. Your job is to develop and oversee ethics, compliance and CSR programs for the company.

Shaffer Enterprises is a new company, certified as a B-Corp, headquartered in Encinitas. Their main product is an electronic, hand-held device called a GottaGetIt, which provides educational experiences and social connections, aimed at children ages 8-12. The device is manufactured by a subcontractor in a factory in Tijuana, sold through the company website and social media advertising, and is also available in some retail stores. There will be a version tailored for each state in the US, aligned with that state’s educational curriculum. The initial product….

developing relevant knowledge

CDI Assessment 4

The Coherent Curriculum

Due date: 3 June, 2020

2000 words (excluding appendices)


To produce a coherent and innovative curriculum document.

Note: I will give you feedback on the rubric only unless you ask me for oral feedback (say that you would like feedback under your title). I am happy to give oral feedback to anyone who will listen to it and use it for further thinking and work.


This final assessment of CDI is to be a culmination of the course, where you apply the skills, knowledge and values you have learned or consolidated, to develop a coherent curriculum document. You need to use literature to identify learning and teaching issues within a specific course or learning context. For example, you may decide the issue concerns: effective flipping of a curriculum; the use of Bloom’s….