Assessment Details



Assessment 1 Essay – Why have Psychology?

Due Week 9

Weighting 25%

Word Count: 2500

Refer to the Assignment Style Guide for formatting and other information to assist with writing your essay.

Assignment Task

Part 1 (2000 words and weighting 20%)

INSTPS3101 (Year 3, Term 1, 2015)

Students are to research the importance of psychology and outline the meaning of psychology; the importance of the brain and how it dictates

our experiences in life. Discuss cognition and the differences between psychology and common sense, and how the past and present affect our

future. Students are to also include:

   How our thoughts, feelings and actions contribute to being effective or ineffective teachers?

   Why research is so important

   Why contact is important for humans and animals?


Part 2 (500 words and weighting 5%)

Critically appraise the discussion and topics found in the DVD segments for Term 1, episodes 1-4. Video/audio files found on the MOODLE video

resource page. Provide your personal views on the lectures and a rationale for your opinions. The content can be related towards many areas in education such as teaching music, student learning, playing music, using music as a therapy, fame etc.


  1. Past, Present, and Future (Ep. 1) 2. Understanding Research (Ep. 2) 3.    The Behaving Brain (Ep. 3) 4.        The Responsive Brain (Ep. 4)


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