​ a civilization from ancient China


A) Choose a civilization from ancient China (Shang; Zhou; Han) and one from India (Harrapan; Aryan; Mauryan) and describe how religion contributed to the rise and fall of both civilizations. Describe the role religion played in the political system of the two cultures you have chosen. When responding to classmates, provide additional and new research to support or disprove their position. Make sure to use proper APA format for all citations provided and include a reference list for the citations you use. (250 words)


This is a discussion about a movie. Its bot required to watch the movie but the information can be gathered from articles

After viewing the movie (or reading a review) and researching the Flint Michigan Water Crisis;

1. What issues do you believe influence the implementation of public policy in the current time?

2. Do you believe that social media has impacted the ability of corporations to perpetrate such large scale cover-ups?

3. Can an issue such as the one identified in the movie occur today?

4. If so, how could the policy be affected by “non-decision making” or loss of agenda? (250 words)

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Asian American 3

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Environmental Science Question

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