What areas the key principles of people centered development

Question One.
(a) Explain how the education system of a nation influences that nation”s development.(5 mks)
b) What is globalization? How does globalization promote the development of a nation ? (5mks)
c) What areas the key principles of people centered development (3mks).
d) Distinguish between a modern and a tradional society (2mks)

Question Two.
a) State and briefly explain five indicators of development in society. (5mks).
b) Mention and discuss four characteristics of developing countries. (4mks).
c) Using examples from Kenya illustrate the impact of corruption on development (6mks)

Section B: Answer any two questions in this section.
Question Three.
a) Discuss the state of morality in the world today, and mention the major characteristics of morality. (8 mks)
b) Distinguish between development and economic growth? (2mks).
c) State and discuss the challenges of education provision in the developing world, particularly Kenya. (6mks).
d) Identify and discuss four costs of economic growth ( 4 mks)










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