Preventing and Responding to Terrorism: Evaluating National Dialogue Programs

“Conflict Resolution and Terrorism” Course
Topic: Preventing and Responding to Terrorism: Evaluating National Dialogue Programs
Thesis: National reconciliation programs can achieve positive results of peaceful transitions through ensuring development and good governance.
Requirement: Informational Interview Paper
In order to connect theory to practice, students will be responsible for selecting and interviewing one individual who is involved in conflict and terrorism related activities. Students will be responsible for writing a paper that briefly summarizes the interview and discusses challenges of practice related to the work of the interviewee and includes cites of relevant class materials (8-10 pages).
Please make sure you do three things
1- Describe and summarize key points from the interview
2- Integrate relevant class readings (make sure to use a formal citation methods- be very specific for every idea cited page number) Make sure to not put in long quotes since this is a short paper, but instead integrate and explore how the interview connects to class readings vice/versa.
3- Include a section on key ethical, practical or policy questions and discussion that arise from your interview related to the larger field of conflict resolution and terrorism.
A paper that only describes the interview will not be graded well. One that describes and integrates will be okay but still not graded very well, it is key to do all three parts.

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