how to become an entrepreneur

how to become an entrepreneur. using the business plan format write a self-help guide or instruction manual. how to become an entrepreneur in the 21st century: what, where, who and why.

Cover the following: include in your self help guide:

1. the nature of entrepreneurship and its role in business, and understanding of entrepreneurial behavior including approaches to teamwork, communication, creativity, innovation, risk.

2. identify and describe the important elements in formulating and evaluating an entrepreneurial business plan for a start-up organization or for a new project in an established organization

3. identify and describe the important elements of managing rapid growth and overcoming obstacles in an entrepreneurial environment.

4. identify and describe significant sources of information and assistance including the entreoreneurs and significant entrepreneurial events over the last fifty years.

5. write the self-help guide or instructing manual with a global audience in mind


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