How is the sexuality of people with disability currently 'managed', and what does this tell us about the status of disability and sexuality respectively?

With a principal focus on one particular form of social diversity, critically evaluate competing claims pertaining to the nature and implications of such diversity for full inclusion in contemporary society
2500-word essay, exploring the theoretical and conceptual debates pertaining to the nature and implications of diversity in the contemporary nation-state.

You will need to think about whether you are focussing on learning disability or physical disability. It may be difficult (but not impossible) to do both. You also need to be aware that people with disability have very different degrees of severity in their circumstances and that they may live their lives in different contexts – independently, dependently but within a familial circumstance, or in some kind of institutional environment. They also may enjoy quite different legal statuses in terms of their capacities to make their own choices………………

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What government services can be transmitted to citizens via the internet? Which should not? Why

Policy Paper on Strengthening Communities with the Internet Community development increasingly relies upon the internet to bridge divisions and to forge linkages among disparate communities. From Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn,….