Equity and the Law of Trust

Q. Tom has just died. His will contains the following dispositions:

(a) £500,000 to Linda to divide equally amongst professional hairdressers working in Manchester.

(b) £3,000 each to promising, young people born in Oldham who wish to travel.

(c) £100,000 to Peto to divide, as he thinks fit, amongst talented stars of the West End of London.

(d) £40,000 to David to divide, if he thinks this is appropriate, amongst people who visited the University of South Wales Open Day on 1 July 2012; anything left over to be given to Mikey absolutely.

Discuss the validity of the above.


Analyse and critically evaluate the major equitable principles and the principles relating to the law of trusts and apply them in a practical context.


Evaluate the major reforms in the area of equity and trusts as well as proposing reforms in certain areas.

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