literatureLiterature review
2.1 Diabetes Overview
2.1.1 Diabetes type I
2.1.2 Diabetes type II
2.2 Diabetes type II Screening
2.3 Diabetes mellitus type II with complications
2.3.1 Diabetes type II with ketoacidosis
2.3.2 Diabetes type II with renal manifestations
2.3.3 Diabetes type II with ophthalmic manifestations
2.3.4 Diabetes type II with neurological manifestations
2.4 Diabetes type II risk factors
2.4.1 General factors Age Race/Ethnicity
2.4.2 Genetic factors Family History
2.4.3 Lifestyle factors Obesity Smoking Hypertension Lack of physical activity Alcohol abuse
2.5. Management of type II DM
It is a literature review and please include tables and Figures statistics for each Age, Race, Diabetes overview, type I and type II, as much as you can.
Note that all statistics and number should form USA, whole study is about Diabetes in the USA…………

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