Critically discuss the social, cultural and economic influences on the design of a Dentist service within a healthcare

This is the basis of the assessment of tutor :
-Critically discuss
– The assessment for this module has been designed to allow you to demonstrate through critical discussion, your understanding of the underpinning concepts and approaches to public health practice and epidemiology
– The taught component will give you an introductory insight which will enable you to address any of the questions. However, a successful answer will demonstrate that you have read further on the subject and are able to critically evaluate and apply that knowledge.
– The references should be academic and between 2005 and 2015 .
• The word limit is 3,000 words. ( no more than 3000 words )
PLEASE NOTE: Assignments exceeding this limit by more than 10 words will incur a 10 mark penalty . so please no more than 3000………………

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What government services can be transmitted to citizens via the internet? Which should not? Why

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